Wojtek Żółtowski

Photography meaning telling a story through an image is his mission. He doesn’t take notes, he doesn’t make sketches, he just photographs everything. Situations, people, places, art and technical solutions, a bottle of wine that was good, the medicine he goes to the pharmacy for, a spot in the parking lot, the time on the clock. Nothing escapes his attention.Someone looks at the calendar and notes – he looks at the photographs.  There are thousands of them. With skill and lightning speed he documents everyday life. He often takes pictures in difficult situations and on the verge of risk – from horseback in a wild gallop, from a boat under full sail in a critical heel, while skiing downhill or skiing on a frozen lake with a kite. It all has to fit on the iPhone – he’s reluctant to stuff anything on the cloud. But when he picks up the Nikon, he becomes precise, not capturing the situation but directing it. He selects frames and creates with concentration and deliberation. 

In our gallery we offer just this few selections from thousands of others. Only those which met all our selection criteria, that is, we have raised them to the rank of art. We print them on very matt paper of excellent quality. We expose them in an open frame, without glass, so that the contact with the work is as genuine as possible.