Artistic loft 69

Take a look at the gallery

….but not in the pictures, but here, in the very place where art is alive.

Most of us are accustomed to silent, monumental galleries where even a whisper seems to be a sacrilege. Temples of art where the custodian is yawning discreetly and the pushy salesman is trying to help. The question is, to help with what? To buy something you don’t really want or to understand an object that has no inherent mystery whatsoever.

And all this effort is good for nothing in the world where no one buys or sells anyway. Our passion (not a mission, not a calling, not an inclination!!!) is to surround others and ourselves with objects that are truly beautiful and truly necessary. Without conveying a false and intricate message.  During the creative process, when inspiration descends there is a moment for making associations with places, memories, smells and events but later there simply comes the time for getting with grips with raw materials.
Any material is alive and has its own will so a compromise must be reached and this is the moment to introduce new criteria and functions.  The final result may quite often surprise even the artist himself. All of a sudden we have a ready object, a piece of furniture or a picture. It sits comfortably in our place until someone notices it, gives it a long look or maybe even whispers to it and a new relation is born and our object is gone from the gallery and must tell its story in a different place and to a different audience.

And this is our mission, not just to sell an object but also to create a place where new relations and new infatuations may happen. Living art is never static; it evokes different emotions and has different impact on people but you should never miss an opportunity to stand face to face with it so keep searching.