Tomek Żółtowski

Tomek is an artist working with stone, metal and with visual arts. Well, at least for the time being, as he is wont to work with different materials and to be inspired by bygone, historical eras. The talent he inherited from his parents weighs him down like a load of precious stones, so to cope with the burden, he winds the stones in leather thongs, embeds them in steel; any method is good if it eases the burden of the legacy. Tomek adores decorative art of the Vikings and medieval jewellery. He is experimenting with reconstructing Bronze Age founding. He is inspired by the love of tradition and nature. He is a horseman, deep in his soul a knight, a dreamer, an adept sailor and diligent student of martial arts. An „after hours” lawyer. 


Our Art Boutique has a new collection in its crates. This time it is proprietary jewelry, extremely charismatic in expression. Made of natural stone and steel of great beauty, they are only for people who are self-confident of themselves and their style. They are timeless attributes of personality, inseparable for every day, the gala and daily life. It’s jewelry that grafts to the soul.